All star cheer is one of Canada’s fastest growing sports. In fact, it is quickly growing throughout the WORLD! All star cheer is gaining in popularity for many reasons. It is a FUN activity that combines all the athletic components of sport such as strength, power, flexibility, endurance, fitness and mental tenacity. It also helps athletes increase their body awareness and self-esteem and develops leadership and communication skills. Athletes in this sport work toward developing skills such as tumbling, jumping, stunting, performance skills, dance and team work. In BC alone, there are over 4000 athletes registered in either community, school, University or all-star cheer.


What is the difference between INTRO to Cheer, PREP Cheer, and COMPETITIVE/ELITE All Star Cheer?
The biggest difference is commitment level, both financial and time.


  • INTRO TO CHEER – This program is designed for athletes who are looking to learn the basics of All Star cheer, without a competition element. Intro to Cheer runs year-round, with classes 1x/week for 1 hour. Intro to Cheer is suitable for beginners. Each athlete who registers will be placed in a group based on age/level. There will be 2 parent showcases in December & June. No specialty clothing required. To sign up for a 6 WEEK TRIAL program to ensure your child LOVES it, CLICK HERE to purchase our ONLINE INTRODUCTORY package!


  • PREP CHEER – This program is designed for athletes who are looking for an introduction into competitive cheer. Our Prep cheer teams run from September-April. Prep teams practice 1x per week for 1-2 hrs at a time (depending on age). Teams will put together a choreographed routine that they will perform at 2 local events in December and March, and in an end-of-year showcase in April. Teams compete in a team t-shirt and bow (included with registration), a pair of black shorts, and any clean, indoor-only running/cheer shoes. Please note that attendance at all practices is very important and every effort should be made to attend.To find out more information on these teams PLEASE CLICK HERE to fill in your information.


  • COMPETITIVE CHEER TEAMS – Our level 1 competitive teams are for athletes and parents looking to become a part of the Panther family and be immersed in our culture that focuses on perfection before progression, team work, leadership, friendship and fitness. All practices are mandatory with summer training (1x/week) beginning in June and Fall team practices (2x/week) beginning in September. These practices go until the end of May. Level 1 teams will compete at 5-6 local competitions approximately one competition per month from December-April. Teams compete in a uniform, bow & cheer shoes, and have mandatory practice gear. Any “new to Panthers” athletes interested in registering for a level 1 team must be assessed to ensure they are placed on the correct team. To find out more information on these teams PLEASE CLICK HERE to fill in your information.


  • ELITE CHEER TEAMS – Our elite teams (level 2-6) are for athletes who are serious about making a commitment to their team and want to enrich their experience with Panthers through expanded opportunities to compete and travel. Summer training (1x/week) begins in June and Fall team practices (2x/week) run September-May.  Athletes on these teams must be prepared to make every effort to attend ALL PRACTICES and schedule/plan carefully to ensure they are prepared to be a true team player and put the team ahead of themselves. If you plan to take vacations between September-April (outside the school calendar holidays) or have other serious commitments that will conflict, competitive cheer may not be the best choice for you. Athletes on elite teams compete throughout the season as outlined in a competition schedule published in May. At least one of these competitions is a ‘destination’ travel competition to a large Nationals so that they can compete against stronger and more varied teams than they can here in BC.  To find out more information on how you can become an athlete on one of our ELITE teams, PLEASE CLICK HERE to fill in your information.

“My daughter has always been very shy and was always the child sitting on the side lines watching the other kids play because she was afraid to join in.  Being part of the Panther team this year has provided her with the confidence to join in the games and to make new friends.  The time invested in practices and competitions is “her time” and she is in her glory!” – Sue Barnes


“I have 5 children enrolled at Panther Cheer!  What an amazing time they have. They have built friendships which will last a lifetime, as have I. The owners, Dawn and Stephanie are the best! One of the things that makes them stand out is that they are parents themselves. They ensure that your kids will be treated like their own – with love ,care and kindness, but with structure and discipline for the sport they are learning.” – Tammy Herman


“Our girls have benefited immensely in terms of solid friendships made, mentors and role models in the excellent coaching staff and older athletes and the unique ability of the coaches to promote a keen sense of self-worth and confidence in the individual athletes with the ultimate focus on working performing as a strong and confident team.” – Mandy Lichtmann

If you have any questions or if we can be helpful in any way, please send us an email at [email protected]

We look forward to meeting you and your child in person!